Oh Beeradvocate…..

I recently picked up a bottle of The Bruery Rueuze from a local liquor establishment.  I bought this without having had it or reading anything about it.  I feel confident enough in The Bruery’s sours at this point to do such a thing.  I did however decided to hop on the ole BeerAdvocate.com and see what people had to say about this brew for fun.  The following are quotes from various reviews.

"all I am finding it waves of lactic acid with no funk"

"Wooden and funky"

"The funk doesn’t come through as well as in the nose"

" smells funky"

" with medium to low carbonation"

"This beer has a good level of carbonation"

"The carbonation was pretty high and a bit bubbly"

"no head at all"

"I get a nice 3/4 of a finger of white head that’s dissipates nicley"

"moderately sour"

"Very tart and sour"

"Will be better later"

"I could see this become undrinkable in about a year"

Well now I know what to expect from this beer.  No funk in the aroma with funk in the aroma.  Lightly carbonated with high carbonation.  No head with a 3/4 finger white head.  A moderately sour very sour tasting beer that will age great and be undrinkable with age.  Thanks Beeradvocate!  Cheers!

Top 5 Non-Barrel Aged Stouts

Like the title says, this will be a list of my top five non-barrel aged stouts.  I would love to hear from other people with their lists too.  The only criteria being obvious enough, so I won’t be repeating for a third time.  Making this made me realize how many barrel aged stouts I love.  That list will happen at some point and probably be a top ten.  Enough Jibba Jabba, on with the great American tradition of ranking things!

1.  Founder’s - Breakfast Stout

2.  Cigar City - Marshal Zhukov

3.  Half Acre - Big Hugs

4.  Dark horse - Plead The Fifth

5.  Pipeworks - Abduction 

Don’t forget November 8th is Stout Day!  www.stoutday.com