Surly - Furious

image     Fuckin a right.  I am lucky enough to have a whole slew of these gems in my fridge currently.  A few of my friends went to the great white north and picked up several cases on the way home.  For those unaware Surly is a Minnesota brewery that mostly is only available in Minnesota.  Surly has distribution channels setup to other states, they just choose to focus on their home state for now.  They are building a huge renovation that they call a “destination” brewery and recently announced on their website some Chicago tasting events.  I have a strong feeling we will be getting Surly back in the area sooner than later.  Until then it’s a very special rare treat.  The first thing most people notice about Furious is that it’s an IPA in a can.  These days this is actually more accepted but a few years ago it was unheard of.  The can actually is perfect for hoppy beers as it lets in no light, seals incredibly well, and is easy to keep cold. 

     Furious is a 6.2% IPA that checks in at 99 IBU.  So yes it’s pretty bitter but not overly strong.  It’s at the upper level of what I’d consider a session beer.  It pours a darker color than most beers of the style and retains a  light head that laces the glass in the most beautiful way.  The smell isn’t exactly what one might think for such a high rated IPA.  These days it’s usually all fruit notes blasting off this style; however, Furious is all about balance.  You get a nice amount of light malt scents, with a good piney hop on the nose as well. You can pick up on some citrus too, it’s just the main focus.  Taking a sip you are hit at the front of the tongue with a light, sweet malty note.  This quickly fades into a piney bitterness that just builds and builds.  It’s not overwhelming and balances out the malt perfectly.  On the finish you will notice a tad of west coast citrus notes creeping in around the edges.  This is truly a Midwest “No Coast IPA.  Furious is perfectly balanced and infinitely drinkable.  If I had access to this it would be a staple in my fridge ready to be enjoyed at any moment on any occasion.  If you can get your hands on this beer, do all the time and send me some!  Cheers!